Minillofacial is a faux cosmetic surgery procedure whereby people can have a scar placed on their face to boost their confidence level/street cred. Compared to some procedures people have done, Minillofacial isn’t too farfetched.

Men with facial scars are not uncommon; the possessor is instinctively seen as intimidating, menacing or one to be avoided, many of us do not see the possessor as the victim.
I once met an accountant with a large scar from the forehead, over the eye and ending below the cheek. He received the injury during a rock-climbing accident, knowing the normal reaction, he has a quasi-confidence and had used the scar to his advantage many times,.

Acclaimed actor Michael K. Williams (Boardwalk Empire & The Wire) and rapper Professor Green both have very prominent and life chancing facial scars, neither have aggression as part of their character. Michael K. Williams is participating in Minillofacial, Professor Green is TBA.

Michael K. Williams was a dancer/choreographer who was attacked on his 25th Birthday, receiving a razor cut down the centre of his forehead, between his eyes, ending across his right cheek. The scar was directly responsible for his move to acting; he is generally cast as the villain.

Professor Green (Stephen Manderson) was attacked with a bottle in a club where he was performing. A huge ‘n’ shaped scar is very close to the left side of his neck, just above a tattoo with the word ‘Lucky’.

Has the scar added to what makes them the artist they are today and would they have it removed given the choice?

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